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What is an Underdog?

To us, an underdog can come in many forms. She is the skittish, hungry stray that slinks around outside of fast food restaurants, hoping that a kind soul will toss her something to eat. He is the dog tied in a backyard at the edge of someone’s property that shivers in the cold while he waits for his owner to add fresh water to the block of ice in his bowl.  The squirming pile of puppies in a cardboard box on the side of the road are all underdogs.  The bewildered dog that watches the only family that he ever knew hand over his toys and leash and walk out of the shelter without him is an underdog.

As rescuers, our greatest feat is really a very simple act. We remove dogs from their negative circumstances. And it might come to a surprise to some people, but aside from vetting the ill and injured, the dogs really do the rest. Their resilience is astounding. We want people to understand that the title of underdog has nothing to do with a lack of potential or flaws in character. Their loyalty, their joy, their willingness to please, their desire to learn, and their capacity to love are all right there under the surface just waiting for someone to notice.


We will always root for the underdogs.